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Islamic Calligraphy by Hand Embroidery

Artist: Shams Un Nisa

Islamic Calligraphy by Hand Embroidery

Shams Un Nisa, Artistic Interpreter, Designer & Co-Ordinator

Calligraphic expressions which glorify the Almighty 'Original & Remarkable'

'...Shams un Nisa is going to be remembered for her exquisite breathtaking embroidery that embellish some beautiful calligraphic interpretations of Quranic verses.'

'Her passion for her vocation strikes you and then surprises you for its very intensity.' 

Her embroidery work has been recognised as 'Islamic Heritage'. Of her own calligraphic skills, she says she is a beginner...'

Islamic Calligraphy by Hand Embroidery

Islamic Calligraphy by Hand Embroidery is the interpretation of the works of master calligraphers by the Artist and Interpreter, Shams Un Nisa, where pieces are gilded and embroidered with silver, golden, coloured and shaded threads.

Pieces have been prepared using silk, brocade, linen and cotton. These are highlighted by beads,  sequins, pearls, semi-precious stones and appliqué work and mounted on attractive backgrounds  and frames 

While some are modernistic, others are classic and some are plain 'kitsch' to cater to every taste. 

International Exhibitions

- The National Museum, Riyadh KSA

- Agdal Cultural Centre Rabat, Morocco

- The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

- Islamic Cultural Centre & King Fahd Academy

London, UK

- Ramada Hotel, Doha, 

Qatar (UNESCO)

- Department of Culture & Information, Sharjah, UAE

- Cultural Foundation, Abudhabi, UAE 

- Trade Centre, Dubai & several exhibitions in the UAE

- ICCUK, Regents Park Mosque, London

About Us


Works of renown Islamic Calligraphers are beautifully embroidered striking a balance of colours and visual, forcing viewers to marvel at the talent.

The work starts right from selecting the design, to its layout and form, colour scheme as well as embroidery style is all decided by the artist. Then a team of embroiderers carry out their work under the close eye of the artist to painstakingly perfect each piece. ​

Images displayed are photographs of actual hand embroidered pieces of calligraphy, each one unique. Please note: the beauty and full impact of the embroidered artwork cannot be fully captured in photographs

UNESCO Appreciation Certificate

The United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), invited the Artist to display her works in Doha, Qatar, in collaboration with the National Commission of Education, Culture and Science (NCECS)  The organisation also awarded her with an appreciation certificate in recognition of her unique style of reproducing Quranic calligraphy. 

Hand Embroidery

Shams Un Nisa interprets original calligraphy by different artists into hand embroidery using the finest silk, precious and semi-precious stones, brocade, linen, cotton, highlighted by beads, sequins and appliqué work, and mounted on attractive frames that reflect her amazing sense of colour. 

Needle and thread replicate the paint and brush embellishing calligraphic verses of the Qur'an with the finest needlework that stands out for its colour combinations and craftsmanship. 

How to Contact Us

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Islamic Calligraphy by Hand Embroidery

For all enquiries OR to invite the artist, Shams Un Nisa, to exhibit her unique Islamic Calligraphy by Hand Embroidery, please email:

Call us on: +44 7906 078016